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Catering Menu

Out of Our Smoker

Priced per lb

Pulled NC pork $12.00

Pulled Alabama Chicken $12.00

Sliced Brisket $16.00

Chopped Texas brisket $15.00

Burnt ends $19.00

Kielbasa sausage $13.00

Sliced pork Belly $18.00

Texas marinated portabella $15.00

Ribs and Wings

St Louis Rib rack $20.00

Smoked Wings $45.00

whole jumbo party wings (drumette and flat connected), sauced then grilled your choice of flavor

Buffalo, Alabama, SC mustard BBQ, KC BBQ, Asian BBQ, Old Bay, Cajun 

20 count 


Brisket Chili 3 quart pan $40.00

Chicken chili 3 quart pan $40.00

Oyster stew 3 quart pan $80.00

Clam chowder 3 quart pan $40.00

She crab 3 quart pan $70.00

Sides ½ pan

(20 portion average)

Potato salad $40.00

Cucumber salad $40.00

Collards $40.00

Apple sauce $40.00

Coleslaw $40.00

Baked beans $40.00

Smoked Gouda Mac and cheese $60.00

Green beans $40.00

House salad tray $40.00

Caesar salad tray $40.00

Stone ground grits with cheddar roasted red pepper and scallions $50.00

Cajun Shrimp and Stone ground grits with cheddar roasted red pepper and scallions $90.00

Spiced apples $50.00

Smoked cheese and herb pasta salad $60.00

Smoked cheese, herb and blue crab pasta salad $100.00

Finger Food

Hushpuppies 50 count and cup honey butter $30.00

Shrimp salad finger sandwich 20 count $40.00

Chicken salad with lettuce and tomato finger sandwich 20 count $30.00

Cold Cut brisket with KC sauce finger sandwich 20 count $35.00

BLT finger sandwich 20 count $35.00

Pork rinds-choice of flavor (BBQ, Bay, Cajun)$20.00

Smoked Shrimp cocktail 50 count wild caught NC Smoked and peeled shrimp with lemon and cocktail $60.00

Deviled eggs 30 count $30.00

BBQ Meatballs- 40 smoked meatballs in Kansas City sauce $35.00

Specialty items

Whole smoked salmon Market Price

Prime rib Market Price

Whole hog 

50-60 12.00 per lb or 60-80 10.00 per lb (After cooking a whole hog usually produces about 3/5 its weight in servable protein) 

Turkey- 18 lb average $110.00

Turkey Organic- 14lb average    $150.00

Whole duck 5lbs average $80.00

Honey smoked ham $150.00


Banana pudding tray $30.00

Smoked walnut and chocolate bread pudding $40.00

Chocolate chip Cookie tray 40 count $30.00

Seasonal cookie tray 40 count $30.00


Kaiser roll each$1.00

Dinner roll each$0.50

Whole Sliced French loaf $5.00

Corn bread muffins 2” 24 count $30.00

Jalapeno cheddar cornbread muffins 2” 24 count $40.00

Party packages

Sandwich pack$200.00

5lbs pulled Alabama chicken, 5lbs pulled NC pork, ½ pan coleslaw, 40 kaiser rolls, cup Alabama BBQ sauce, cup NC BBQ sauce, bottle hot sauce. 1 chafer, 2 sternos, 3 disposable tongs. (makes 40 4oz sandwiches) 

Shrimp boil$160.00

 40 shrimp, 2lbs sliced smoked kielbasa sausage,10 half corn on the cobs, red potatoes, onions and celery. Boiled together and seasoned with bay seasonings and butter. 25 count hush puppies.(ideal for 10) 1 chafer, 2 sterno, 2 tongs.  

Chili bar$110.00

3 quarts brisket chili, 3 quarts chicken chili, quart cheddar cheese, pint sour cream, pint green onions, 24 count corn bread muffins. 1 chaffer, 1 water pan, 2 sterno, 2 disposable big spoons, 3 disposable small spoons, 1 disposable tong. (makes 24 cups)  


100 oyster on the half shell over ice, pint cocktail sauce, pint sliced lemons. 


Tea gallon$7.00

Lemonade gallon $7.00

Coca-Cola, Diet, Sprite

Cans $1.25

2 liters $3.00

Sauce Pint







Blueberry Maple$7.00

Disposable Goods

Chafer rack with disposable water pan $5.00

Sterno fuel 2 hr $3.00

Disposable tong $1.00

Disposable spoon $1.00

10 oz cup $0.10

16 oz cup $0.15

Meal setup- paper plate, napkin, fork $0.50

Fancy meal set up- plastic plate, napkin, plastic fork, knife and spoon. Each$1.00

Delivery + setup-Norfolk 10%

Deliver + set up-Virginia beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Hampton 20%

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